Thjnk Zurich for Pro Infirmis and Raucous's own Jon Barber

Collaborating with our friends Thjnk Zurich and the Swiss disability advocacy group Pro Infirmis, Raucous’s own Jon Barber delivers a spot unlike you’ve ever seen. People with disabilities suffer through life- just like the rest of us. 

This oft comically poignant spot highlights the ways in which the frustrations of human misery intersect us all on a daily basis, no matter our struggles or perceived hindrances. With longtime activist Harry Belafonte’s “Jump Down, Spin Around” as the soundtrack, you can’t help but get caught up in the all-too-recognizable daily miseries. I mean, truly, why is it vending machines refuse our perfectly usable money, sometimes? What’s up with that?!
Click below if you want to feel utterly human with the rest of us. 

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