Rob McElhenney Is Ready To Make Noise With Raucous

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Dateline 5.8.17 - Los Angeles

SHOOT Online reports that Rob McElhenney, co-creator, show runner, director, writer and star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has come aboard the roster of RAUCOUS Content, gaining his first career directorial representation for commercials and branded fare.

In addition to directing episodes of Sunny--which was renewed for its 13th and 14th seasons last year by the FX networks--McElhenney helmed an FX pilot starring comedian Bill Burr, the TV movie Pariah and a short, titled Danny DeVito & The Contract.  In 2014, pitching with a four-minute test reel, McElhenney closed a deal with Legendary Pictures to make his feature screenwriting and directing debut on the family action project Figment. Warner Bros. also selected McElhenney to direct the feature Minecraft, based on the popular video game of the same name.

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