Paul Iannacchino Jr. Gets Loud And "Adult"

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Dateline 10.28.16 - Los Angeles

Today, The Fader casts a glowing light on RAUCOUS director Paul Iannacchino Jr.'s recent 60-minute doc, "Adult Rappers." You often hear artists say that music is a 'lifestyle,' but what happens once the spotlight fades — or if a musician never blew up in the first place? The movie chronicles the perspectives and lives of about 30 rappers from the U.S. and Canada who have achieved varying levels of success, and are now finding new and different ways to get by as "adults" with different sets of responsibilities. There are some familiar names and faces amongst the interviewees: J-Zone, Dilated Peoples's Evidence, Bobbito Garcia, Despot, Don Will, Esoteric, Eternia, Slug, A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi, Masta Ace, and Murs.

The film starts out with a pretty gut-wrenching montage of artists sharing how they discuss their livelihoods in casual conversation: for many, it involves being entirely evasive about their past (or current) rap lives. Adult Rappers covers a lot of difficult terrain. "I think the biggest misconception about it, at least from people I know, is that they think how good they are is gonna determine how far they go. And how hard they work is going to determine how far they go," says J-Zone, wryly.

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