Matt Rainwaters for Nike's "Texas Tested"

In Texas, football is more than just a game- it’s a way of life. And proving your worth on the field is a lot more than just how many yards you run, passes you make, or touchdowns you score. Raucous director Matt Rainwaters and our friends at Nike take you right into the heart of this nonfiction ‘Friday Night Light the 2018 UIL Texas State Championships at AT&T Stadium. With close ups of coaches and players, Rainwaters makes you feel like you’re an anxious ball player seated on a bench during the pre-game locker room hype- and a determined athlete eager to be put into action on the field. You can feel the heart beat of every player, hear the heaving breath of needing to be the coveted champions. With focus, determination, and a pair of Nikes, Rainwaters shows these players are unstoppable. Click below to see if you have wait it takes to be Texas Tested. 

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