Iannacchino, Raucous Help the New York Lotto Rain Cash

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Dateline 3.27.17 - New York

The basketball courts of New York City are hallowed grounds for hoops. RAUCOUS Content helmer Paul IannacchinoMcCann New York and the New York Lottery know this and decided to shower that ground with gold coins and cold hard cash. Creativity Online has more.

To promote “Champions of Cash”, a new 3D scratch-off game that allows New Yorkers to play immersive sports in 3D on their phone, the New York Lottery surprised players at a neighborhood basketball court with a hoop that "rained" money. The stunt, filmed to promote the game, shows players at first being taken aback to see a single coin fall from the hoop. This turns into several coins, then a shower, then finally an eruption of bank notes...

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