"Here I Come, White People!" Chelsea Handler Takes on White Privilege with Fearless Raucous Director Alex Stapleton

"Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” is the *WAKE UP, ALREADY!* content we’ve been needing. Directed by Raucous Content’s fearless Alexandria Stapleton, the documentary shoves all niceties and comforts OUT of the way to just call a spade a spade. White privilege is real- so what are we going to do about it? Chelsea Handler unflinchingly displays her own experiences and ignorance, but rather than shrug her shoulders and sip on a grande PSL, she faces the issue. You can catch “Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” on Netflix NOW. And trust us…you DON’T want to be the last one to watch.

A note from Raucous Director Alex Stapleton herself:
"Last year, I traveled around the country to make this film about white privilege with Chelsea Handler. The goal with this film was to have civilized, honest, yet uncomfortable conversations about how intertwined race and privilege are in this country. I want to thank Condé Nast, Netflix, and Chelsea for getting a film like this made. I also want to thank the entire cast and crew for being so incredibly awesome. The film is out today- take some time to watch. It's not the answer, but hopefully it gets people talking." 

Check out Chelsea discussing the doc on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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