72andSunny, Director Rob McElhenney "Sound The Horn" For World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment Sounds the Horn on New World of Warcraft Expansion

To launch the new World of Warcraft expansion, 'Shadowlands', Blizzard Entertainment created 'Sound the Horn', a social-first campaign with 14 North American and International celebrities. Partnering with creative agency 72andSunny Los Angeles, the campaign celebrates the fellowship and connection the game creates around the world.

The fourteen new social films tie each celebrity together with a 'fellowship chain' using the hashtag #soundthehorn and specific tags in the film itself.

Celebrities include: Finn Wolfhard, award-winning actor; Sydney Sweeney, actor; Ronda Rousey, professional wrestler; Jimmy O. Yang, actor and comedian; Hacksmith, Youtube star; Christopher Mintz-Plasse, actor; Danny Pudi, actor and comedian; Kristian Nairn, actor; Issac Hempstead Wright, actor; Marcus Scribner, actor; Tim the Tatman, gamer / Twitch streamer; Alexander Dreymon, actor; Pierre Gasly, Formula One driver and Regina Wan, award-winning actor.

Blizzard worked with Mythic Quest creator and director Rob McElhenney to shoot the 14 celebrities, who were authentic fans of the WOW franchise, over six days of remote production in seven countries around the globe. Most films were directed entirely over Zoom and we built creative scenes around locations convenient to each celeb, places like their kitchen, apartment, living room, hotel or office were all just a couple examples.

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