Gunser Gets Raucous For Pedigree

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Dateline 3.20.17 - Auckland

Dear Parents,

We get it, it's hard when your children move out -- but R A U C O U S Content's Adam Gunser and Colenso BBDO Auckland and Pedigree want you to know that when they move out, move on... get a dog! Pedigree is targeting empty nesters in New Zealand with its adoption program in a truly hilarious and original way, encouraging them to replace their grown-up kids with a dog.

Adam’s TV spots start out deceptively poignant. Described from a grown-up child's point of view, they recall trying to impress a hard-to-please father with trophies (seen here), building a treehouse with Dad, climbing into your mother's bed during a thunderstorm and hoping to stay there. However, in each, there's a twist -- the parents have now very definitely moved on, with a dog. The tagline is "When they move out, move on."

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